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New to the SILS Concept?

SILS is an effective way to tell a student's story and to keep staff organized in support of that student. Basically it is a constituent relations managment (CRM) system built specifically for students, teachers, and support staff from the ground up. Find out how it can help your students and staff in this short video .

Featured Ideas To Help Your School

Reducing Detentions - Small consequences for small issues: This video explains how some schools use demerits as a fraction of a detention and how SILS automates this for them. In this way, a small issue like a uniform violation can carry a consequence but not an unduly heavy consequence. Demerits can be set up to trigger an automatic detention after any threshold number of occurances. Actually, any type of log can be set up to automatically trigger any other type of log. For an overview and details on how to set it up, watch this 4 minute video .
Private tags: This forthcoming video explains how to flag a student who has a special need but only do so for certain staff members and not all staff members. So a common scenario might be that the dean needs to be aware of which students are in special education. A group could be created and color coded so that any students in this group will get a colorful tag placed on their profile page. If the group is made private, then only the adults who are attached to the group will see the tag. For an overview and details on how to set it up, a video will be produced within days.
Disciplinarian Workflows: This video will explain all the features that help a dean or other disiciplinarian stay organized and communicate with staff.
Help me tell your story! What works at your school? What ideas would you like to share with others? See contact info below.


SILS is a product of Co-Knowledge LLC which was founded to provide consulting, data services, software services, training and related materials to individuals, schools, and other organizations for the purpose of improving how they share and use data. You can reach Denis at: